Rules and conditions

We considered it very important to address data protection issues in greater depth than in other projects on historical topics. This is primarily due to the continuing daily discrimination against Roma and Sinti in the Czech and Slovak Republics and elsewhere in the world. We also discussed the topic of personal data protection intensively with leading experts in personal data protection and copyright law. For these reasons, we have decided not to list some of the information from the testimonies. The information we have chosen not to record includes primarily the full date of birth of the witnesses, although this information is included in some publications. The same applies to the concentration camp identification number (most often from Auschwitz). We do not provide a post-war address in the database, or only when it is clear that the survivor has since moved again. Nor do we list the names of children except for the names of children whose death (usually during the war or as a result of wartime hardship) was mentioned by a witness.

When accessing the database, at each page of the testimony users are prompted to inform us of any information that should either be corrected or that the family does not wish to be published (see also Contact). It is extremely important for us to accommodate such responses.

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