How to search in the database

There are four ways of searching.

1) Full text search. By entering any name, place, term, the user can access the testimonies that contain that word. Full text search is available in two places on the site, each marked with a magnifying glass icon (in the main bar on the far right, or in the database search).

2) Search by first name, last name, year and place of birth (or a combination of these criteria). By clicking the Advanced Search button, you can search by even more criteria.

3) Search by map.

  • Here you can search by first and last name. By clicking on the icons next to the name, locations relevant to the person will appear on the map.
  • By entering the place name in the place of birth field and clicking on any of the icons, the user can learn about the fate of Roma and Sinti born in a particular location: e.g. where they were interned, where they hid, or whether they lived in their place of birth before the war.
  • A further option is to search by icons and combinations of icons. In this way, the user can find out, for example, where Roma and Sinti were interned, where they hid, where the sites of mass murders were, or where they took part in armed struggle.

4) Search by the glossary.

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