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Here we present other sources that contain testimonies of Roma and Sinti from the Czech Republic and Slovakia, but are not included in the database. This is mostly because these are audio-visual testimonies rather than printed testimonies, which are the focus of the database. Although we do not include these testimonies in the database (see About the Database), we would like to draw the attention of web users to these other sources of testimonies as well. In most cases, these are testimonies of Roma and Sinti which have also been processed in printed form. Therefore, in addition to information about the sources, we also list the names of all the survivors whose testimonies appear in them. This section is still in preparation. We will gradually introduce more and more sources.

Paul Polansky: Black Silence. The Lety Survivors Speak

G plus G, Prague / Cross-Cultural Communications, New York, 1998

The book is compiled from the testimonies of people who were imprisoned in the so-called Gypsy camp in the village of Lety in the Písek district, as well as other people whose personal stories are directly or indirectly related to the history of the former camp during the time of the Protectorate of Bohemia and Moravia. The American genealogist and writer Paul Polansky processed freely their oral narratives, which had been translated from Czech into English on the spot by his collaborators. The interviews were conducted by Polansky himself or by his collaborators (only Lubomír Zubák is mentioned by name) in the 1990s.

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