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Ms Synů

Mrs. Synů, born about 1923, Košice; her first name is not given

  • Testimony abstract

    Jozef Synů’s wife came from Košice; she described how the Roma women were taken to what was called the brickworks, and were then transported by train to Germany, to Berlin. She said that at some otherwise unspecified border a “high-up from the city” came and said “You are our gypsies!”, and arranged their transport back to the village of Krásna nad Hornádom.[1]

    • [1] After the war it became a borough of Košice.

    Mrs. Synů remembered receiving material help from the [Czechoslovak] Red Cross after their return when the war had ended.[1]

    • [1] The events could not been immediately after the return to Košice but must have been later after the war, when Jozef Synů began to live with his present wife. (ed.)
  • Origin of Testimony

    The testimony of Mrs. Synů was recorded in 1982 during a filmed interview with her husband Jozef Synů.[1]

    • [1] See his testimony in the database.
  • Where to find this testimony

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