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Ms Slepčíková

Mrs. Slepčíková, born about 1912, Košice; her first name is not given

  • Testimony abstract

    Mrs. Slepčíková lived in Košice before the war, where she had a house in what was called the brickworks. She bought small items of haberdashery in the shops, and sold them door-to-door.

    Slepčíková was interned with her parents and her four children in the labour camp in Komárno. Women and children were accommodated separately from the men. Slepčíková described how one woman in the camp was shot without reason, and how they tore the earrings from her ears. She also described the circumstances of her release from the camp, when they were recognised by a supposed “high-up from Košice” who had bought goods from them before the war, and who arranged for them to return home to Košice in an over-crowded wagon. Mrs. Slepčíková’s father and her small son died after their return from the camp. She mentioned that after the war they hanged traitors in Košice.

  • Origin of Testimony

    Mrs. Slepčíková's testimony was recorded in 1982 during the filming of an interview with Jozef Synů[1] and his wife Mrs. Synů.[2]

    • [1] See his testimony in the database.
    • [2] Her name is not given; see her testimony in the database.
  • Where to find this testimony

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