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Ms Lolová-Demetrová

Mrs. Lola-Demeter's first name and year and place of birth are not specified

  • Testimony abstract

    When the front crossed the region and everything was burned down, Lolová-Demetrová was living with her husband, young son and other members of the extended family in the forge. But the young couple had no privacy, so Vasil Demeter built a house for them. Lolová-Demetrová kept chickens and maintained good relations with the Roma and non-Roma. She recounted disputes with uncle Petres, who threw stones at her chickens. He even sent his daughter-in-law to beat her up, but Mrs. Lolová-Demetrová said she showed her the door. She supposed that her husband's father was envious of him for having such a hard-working and resourceful daughter-in-law.

  • Origin of Testimony

    Mrs. Lolová-Demeter's testimony was recorded in 1982 during the filming of the second interview with her husband Vasil Demeter, called Vaškus.[1]

    • [1] See his testimony in the database.
  • Where to find this testimony

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