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Ms. Klempárová, born 1927, Veľká Lesná, Stará Ľubovňa district; first name not given.

  • Testimony abstract

    When the order came from the Germans to move the Roma out of the village, they took them to the forest, but people had nowhere to live. The village mayor therefore allowed them to cut down some saplings to build huts. Mrs. Klempárová's father was already old and had a villa in the village apart from the other Roma houses. He was supposed to move out too, but he wanted a lot of money from the village for the villa; if they couldn't afford it, he could stay in the house. Mrs. Klempárová and her small son Cyril wanted to stay with him, but the "damned Roma," as she called them, went to the mayor and complained, so they had to go to the forest and stay with her mother-in-law.

  • Origin of Testimony

    Mrs. Klempárová's testimony was recorded in 1985 during a filmed interview with her husband František Klempár.[1]

    • [1] See his testimony in the database.
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