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Aladár Kurej

Aladár Kurej (1926, Podskalka, today part of Humenné - 2001, Humenné)

  • Testimony abstract

    [Aladár Kurej's testimony concerns only the period after the war.]

    Aladár Kurej relates what happened to them after the settlement was invaded by Ukrainians, members of the Organisation of Ukrainian Nationalists (Banderites). Seven Roma were wounded. When the Roma were carrying them away on their backs, they were stopped by Slovak soldiers. He said that such shootings took place for a long time after the war. Vlasovites, or rather Banderites, were hiding in the forests, Kurej explained. Together with a boy named Dandvalo [toothy, a Romani nickname], they were loaded onto a military vehicle and taken to the town to identify Banderites. Those whom Kurej recognised and pointed to were arrested, but he does not know what happened to them.

    How to cite abstract

    Abstract of testimony from: HÜBSCHMANNOVÁ, Milena, ed. “Po židoch cigáni." Svědectví Romů ze Slovenska 1939–1945.: I. díl (1939–srpen 1944). 1. Praha: Triáda, 2005, 704-710 (ces), 711-716 (rom). Testimonies of the Roma and Sinti. Project of the Prague Forum for Romani Histories (Institute of Contemporary History, Czech Academy of Sciences), (accessed 4/14/2024)
  • Origin of Testimony

    Aladar Kurej's testimony was recorded in conjunction with the recording of an interview with his wife Jolanka Kurejová in 1998 in their shared home.

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