Kateřina Čapková

Kateřina Čapková

Kateřina Čapková is a senior research fellow at the Institute for Contemporary History Prague and a lecturer at Charles University and NYU in Prague. Her research focuses on modern Jewish history in Europe, the history of refugees and migration, and more recently, the history of Roma and Sinti. Her Czechs, Germans, Jews? National Identity and Czech Jews (2012; Czech: 2005 and 2014) was named Outstanding Academic Title of 2012 by Choice magazine. With Michal Frankl, she co-authored Unsichere Zuflucht (German 2012; Czech 2008), about people fleeing Nazi Germany and Austria for Czechoslovakia. Together with Hillel Kieval, she is co-editor of Prague and Beyond: Jews in the Czech Lands (2021; German 2020; Czech 2022; Hebrew 2024). Together with Eliyana Adler, she is co-editor of Jewish and Romani Families in the Holocaust and its Aftermath (2020) and with Kamil Kijek of Jewish Lives under Communism. New Perspectives (2021). In 2016, she initiated the establishment of the Prague Forum for Romani History at the Institute for Contemporary History. Since 2019, she has been leading an international research project: Genocide, post-war migration and social mobility: the entangled experiences of Roma and Jews.

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