Dana Léw

Dana Léw

Dana Léw studied engineering informatics at the Czech Technical University, then historical sociology at Charles University. She has been involved with computers and their many practical applications - from social services to education and digital book editions - since her youth. In the academic world, she is active in the area of Digital Humanities, i.e. at the interface of computer science and the social sciences or humanities. She is a member of the Jan Patočka Archive at the Institute of Philosophy of the CAS; she is the head of the Patočka Digital project, the overall digitization of the writings of philosopher Jan Patočka and all accompanying bibliographical and biographical archival materials, including an audio archive of Patočka's university lectures and seminars and those conducted underground as part of the dissent. She specializes in natural language processing, working with big data and databases. Since 2016 he has been involved as a developer in the research projects DARIAH-CZ Digital Research Infrastructure for the Arts and Humanities and INDIHU, Development of Tools and Infrastructure for Digital Humanities. In 2017, she was involved in the creation of the Czech Association for Digital Humanities.

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