Barbara Day

Barbara Day

Barbara Day first visited Czechoslovakia in the 1960s, when she became involved in the new wave of Czech theatre, on which she published many articles. Her first book, The Velvet Philosophers (1999, in English, Czech and Hungarian) was about the underground university in totalitarian Czechoslovakia and the role of the Jan Hus Educational Foundation. In 1990 she helped to establish the Jan Hus Educational Foundation as one of the first non-governmental organizations in the Czech and Slovak Republics. Since then, she has lived in the Czech Republic as a writer, teacher and translator. Her translations include theatre plays in Czech Plays (1994), Eastern Promise (1999) and Visegrad Drama 1: Weddings (2002); books, catalogues, academic papers and articles for (among others) Acta Comeniana, Charles University, Gallery, s.r.o., Institute of Art History, Institute of Contemporary History, Institute of Philosophy, JAMU, Jewish Museum in Prague, Judaica Bohemiae, Municipal House, Museum of Czech Literature, National Gallery, National Museum, National Theatre, Prague Castle Management, Prague City Gallery, Pražská scena and Theatre Institute. Her book Trial by Theatre. Reports on Czech Drama appeared in 2019.

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