Similar projects

As unique as our project is, and unparalleled in any other region, there are other important projects complementing ours that we would like to highlight here.

First, we would like to recommend Karola Fings' unique project Voices of the Victims (, which also emphasizes the perspective of Roma women and men. In each case it provides users with just a few documents (mostly letters) by Roma and Sinti from a few selected countries, dating back to World War II or just after it. The documents and their commentaries are available in German, English and Romani.

For Czech speakers, we highly recommend the Paměť Romů (Memory of the Roma) project ( by Romea, o. p. s. It presents 43 video recordings of Roma and Sinti from the Czech lands telling their life stories. Six of the interviewees were born before the war, six during the war, and the rest after World War II. The recordings are in Czech, Slovak and Romani.

Video recordings of Roma and Sinti also form part of some collections of Holocaust testimonies which originally focused primarily on documenting the memories of Jewish eyewitnesses. However, some of the institutions that were established specifically to record and make available Jewish testimonies, later initiated and supported the recording and dissemination of Roma and Sinti testimonies as well. In particular, we should mention the significant collection of video recordings of Roma and Sinti - partly from the Czech lands and Slovakia - in the collections of the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum in Washington, D.C. ( We also recommend highly the Roma testimonies that form part of the USC Shoah Foundation project (

Also important are projects relating to individual European countries, such as one about the Roma genocide in Italy ( This website offers nineteen video interviews with Roma survivors and ten interviews with other witnesses.

Similar projects

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