Editorial note on abstracts

The abstracts summarize the testimony of the witnesses. Added information is given in square brackets. Where information has been added to the text of the testimony by the editor of the publication in which it appeared, (ed.) is indicated in parentheses at the end of the text or in a footnote. Thus, for example, in the abstract of the testimony of Božena Valdová from the publication Našt'i bisteras we find the sentence, "She went to work with her parents, who were pounding stones into gravel, and says that conditions there were more moderate than subsequently in Auschwitz, where the family was deported in August." The footnote thereafter says: "transport on 22 August 1943 (ed.)". This indicates that the information in the footnote in this case was added to the text by Ctibor Nečas, editor of the publication Našt'i bisteras. Information in square brackets or in a footnote without the mention “(ed.)” was added by one of our team members.

More frequently recurring terms, names or events which we feel require further explanation have been listed in the glossary. Terms, names and events included in the glossary are highlighted in the abstracts so that it is clear that clicking on them will take the reader to the glossary explanation.

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